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BioGas Bag for 5 CBM for home, gardan, farm,Green Energy From Organic Waste


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Biogas Bag Operation Principle

Curious about biogas plants for home prices and how much you need to spend to get a small biogas plant for your home ? We’ve got you covered, Here are some general guidelines on how much yu can expect to pay for a biogas home biogas digester and what other factors to consider to get the best value for money when shifting to green energy solutions.

biogas bag operation principle 拷贝

Football shape Biogas bas specification :

Raw Material : PVC fabric coated tarp

Thickness : 1.2mm

Top ball for fas :  holding 2.2 cbm gas

Bottom ball for organic waste 3.0 cbm

Packing size : L: 2.3M x 40cm x 40cm

Net Weight : 37.8 kg per pcs

biogas bag operation size


A biogas plant for home is a backyard system providing an oxygen-free environment where anaerobic bacteria can turn waste into biogas and fertilizer. This approach leverages an effective, natural bioenergy generation method, enabling homeowners to generate sustainable energy for their domestic needs (cooking gas or energy for heating) from organic waste.

Small biogas plants use food and garden waste, agricultural residues, and animal or human manure to generate carbon-neutral energy, with a wide range of economic, environmental, and social benefits.

A biogas plant for your home usually consists of

▼A digester tank where the microorganisms break down organic matter to produce biogas

▼An inlet sink with a plunger that makes it easy to add waste into the digester

▼A gas collector (gas tank) where you store the biogas produced in the digester

▼A gas filter that removes droplets of fluids, aerosols, and solids

▼A gas pipe that connects the gas collector to the biogas stove

▼One or more biogas stoves

Most home biogas plants are surface mounted, requiring minimum installation work — you can set the system up in your backyard without requiring extensive digging.

Small biogas plants work best in environments with temperatures above 10°C (50°F). (Biogas raw material can hold -35 to 125 °C) These systems thrive outdoors, where they can get maximum sunlight (not in the shades) and on a stable floor. The digester needs to be accessible from all sides; ideally, you have a water source nearby.

What if you live in a geographical area with cold winters? Since moving the system can significantly impact biogas production, it’s best to place the system inside a well-ventilated greenhouse or get additional equipment to keep the temperature inside the digester constant during winter.

biogas bag operation for home

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