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40FT Container Gasoline Bladder


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  • LT-W010

40ft Container Gasoline Bladder Drawing 

Bladders are the safest, most flexible and most cost-effective means of shipping bulk water to overseas customers when deployed and fitted into sea containers, typically 40ft / 50 000 Litre.  These bladders can then be recycled and used for onsite storage of water, certain chemicals and many more applications by the receiver. These bladders are “Tough”.

 Containerised bladders are closed storage, so no: oxidation, condensation, evaporation or other contamination.


    40FT Container Gasoline Bladder

   ▼Constructed with PVC and polyester fabrics.

   ▼Bladder fabrics are 100% recyclable.

   ▼Tough materials that can withstand abrasion


   ▼Easy to transport to location

   ▼Ideal for remote locations and liquid transfer globally

   ▼Store liquids from up to +49 000litres per bladder

   ▼Bladder Tanks are all fully enclosed

   ▼Practical, economical and safe

40FT Container Gasoline Bladder-1

  Name: 40 gasoline bladder

  Capacity: 49 000L 

  Material :  PVC  fabric coated tarp

  Material Thickness : 0.9mm 

  Size : L: 11600mm * W: 2150mm * H: 2000mm

  Air Exhaust : One pcs ,25mm

  Inlet : One pcs ,Dia 100mm/80mm/80mm

  Outlet : One pcs , Dia 100mm/80mm/80mm

  Net Weight : 110kg per pcs

40FT Container Gasoline Bladder-3 (1)

Drinking Water

40FT Container Gasoline Bladder-3 (2)

Transport Water

40FT Container Gasoline Bladder-3 (3)

Transport Gasoline

40FT Container Gasoline Bladder-3 (4)

Small Shape

40FT Container Gasoline Bladder-3 (5)

Round Shape

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