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Light Green Flame Resistant PVC Mesh Fabric Coated Tarp For Acoustic Blanket

  • LT-1010

Green PVC Fabric Cotaed Tarp 

Light Green Flame Resistant PVC Mesh Fabric Coated Tarp For Acoustic Blanket

Our FoShan LiTong FanPeng LTD. short for LTCANOPY in english, has been specialized in tarpaulin for many years from 2010 year.

Tarpaulin usage beginning from vehicle , agriculture, manufacturing, industry to other regions, like construction, mining ,daily family usage, equipment room, basement, shipbuilding, aviation. 

This page is recommend the best quality of tarp:  PVC FABRIC COATED TARP



orange pvc fabric coated tarp for flood barrier supplier by foshan litong fanpeng factory


yellow anti uv pvc fabric coated tarpulin for membrane structure fabric supplier by foshan litong factory


pcv mesh coated tarpaulin for construction site cover manufacturer by foshan litong factory


black pvc fabric coated tarp for transport vehicle cover supplier by foshan litong factory


silver pvc mesh coated tarpaulin for transport vehicle cover suppplier foshan litong fanpeng factory




best effect-drawing -logo

UV printing-10 year colorfast 


PVC heavy duty mesh coated tarpaulin is high quality tarpaulin with extreme technique nowadays, it is suitable for every tarpaulin usage, colors, logo, thickness, wide, features are all can customized, expecially  manys features.

1.  On Sale:  All is finished products making into sheet shape with rope and grommets in different colors.

2. Transport Vehicle Cover: Truck Cover, Side Curtain Cover, Trailer Cover, RV Cover, Semi-trailer Cover, Hay Cover, Goods  Cover, Container Cover, Music Concert Cover, Construction site Cover, Ship Cover etc.

3. Membrane Sturcture Fabric:  Street Umbrellas, Car Park Shade, Backyard Canopy, Commercial Fabric etc.

4. Inflatable Flood Barriers: Defend flood and protect humman being and all stuff from flood.

5. Water Storage Bladderd: Agriculture, Industrial, Commercial, Marine, Energy and Military etc.

6. Acoustic Blanket: Industrial, Construction site, Recording Room, Outdoor etc.

7. Ventilation Duct: Mine place, Airport, Industrial etc.

8. Fence Oil Boom: River, Ocen etc.

9. Gymnastic Landing Mat: Gymnastic, Sport etc.

10. Rapid Roll Up Door: Industrial, Frozen Room etc.

11. Biofloc Tarpaulin: Agriculture, Industrial etc. 

12. PVC Swimming Pool: Indoor, Outdoor, Pets, Children, Adults etc.

13. Bags: Dry bags, Tools bags etc.

fence oil boom supplier-foshan litong fanpeng ltd

Fence Oil Boom

flood barrier supplier by foshan litong fanpeng factory Flood Barrier
inflatable flood barrier manufacturer by foshan litong fanpeng factory

Inflatable Flood Barriers

ventilation ducting supplier by foshan litong fanpeng factory

Ventilation Duct

membrane structure fabric supplier by foshan litong fanpeng factory for pvc tarpaulin

Membrane Structure Fabric

Container cover-truck cover-tralier cover-transport vehicle cover-make in china

Transport Vehicle Cover

pillow tank water storage bladder supplier by foshan litong fanpeng factory in china

Water Storage Bladder

rapid Roll up Door-hige speed industrial door-pvc tarpaulin

Rapid Roll Up Door

Acoustic blanket supplier by foshan litong fanpeng factory

Acoustic Blanket

dry bags manufacturer by foshan litong fanpeng factory

Dry Bags

PVC Swimming pool make of pvc mesh coated fabric tarp by foshan litong fanpeng factory in china

PVC Swimming Pool

gymnastic landing mat manufacturer by foshan litong fanpeng factory

Gymnastic Landing Mat

Raw Material of Standard PVC Fabric Coated Tarp Specification

Different thickness has different pyhsical data, it also can comply with ISO and DIN test, we also can offer SGS report for its different features. Such as tensile strength, elongation at break, weathering, cold bend, flame resistance, seam strength, breaking strength and so on. 

PVC mesh coated tarp for standard size specification of foshan litong fanpeng factory supplier in china

PVC Mesh Coated Tarp Construct Analysis Chart

pvc tarpaulin component of manufacturer by foshan litong factory-2

PVC Mesh Coated Tarpaulin 12 Kinds of Features as Bellow: 

PVC mesh coated tarpaulin festures of foshan litong fanpeng ltd

flood barrier PVC mesh coated tarpaulin fabric waterproof transparent tarpaulin supplier in china

Waterproof Tarp

flame resistant pvc tarp manufacturer in china by foshan litong factory

Flame Resist Tarp

pvc tarp for tralier truck cover by foshan litong factory

Colorful Tarp

truck cover with heavy duty pvc tarpaulin supplier in china by foshan litong fanpeng ltd

Tarp Cover

waterproof camouflage tarp customized size for canopy supplier by foshan litong factory

Tarp Rope & Eyelet

pvc tarpaulin in roll material ready make product in available stock in foshan litong factory in china

Roll Tarp

The Features Test Report Can Be Offer SGS Certification

Tarpaulin in PVC mesh coated technique is good. That is why it owns 12 kinds of different features.There are some feature need to make an instructions as follow:

1. 100% waterproof is the base feature

2. Anti UV test method:ASTM G154-16 Cycle1& ISO 105-A02:1993/Cor.2:2005: 8H UV at (60±3)ºC BPT

3.Abrasion Resistance test method: with reference to ASTM D4060-14 and client's requirement,the standard PVC mesh coated tarpaulin will produce in standard,if you strong in particular this feature, please tell us,Because different thickness has different value.

4.Tear Strength: The value N at X/Y direction are different.especial different thickness tarpaulin in different value.

5.Flame Retardant match VTM-0,test method: UL 94-2013 Rev.8-2017 Secton 11

SGS certification of pvc tarpaulin offer by foshan litong fanpeng ltd

Export Factory-Branch Litong Fanpeng Co, Ltd. is specialized in exporting different of tarpaulin to all over the world. kuweit, thailand, uk, usa, chile, switzerland...
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