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Customized Water Dam House-PVC Flood Barrier-Flood Defense Product


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  • LT-Q020

How does this new idea of flood barrier work?

---------Easy installation

---------Easy operation

---------Easy storage

---------Long lifespan

---------Defense heavy flood 

---------Save Labor, Just one person can make it

Size can design,there are several standard size ready-made in stock-flood barrier

This flood barrier is a customized product, it can depend on how big flood to design. It is make of L shape, just as principle of triangle stabiblity , can hold high hydraulic pressure. You can just tell us what high of flood in your place, we can give you a good advise. About the Length , there are 2M to 4M in standard.  The videos shows the flood barrier at lest 50m , why? Because it has good connecting for one time installation then don't need install anymore. Next time when you use, just 5 minute can intall 50 meter. Let us show you information of standard size and packing size . 

flood barrier packing size and volume

how pvc flood barrier work supply by LTCANOPY


flood barrier analyse supply by ltcanopy

Flood barrier material has many features, For guarrantee its quality, all features are reinforce

If you interested in our flood barrier , Welcome contact us anytime . Our contact number as below:

Attn : Cathy

Tel /Whatsapp/ Facebook: 86-18826644063

Email: cat-lt@ltcanopy.com

Our factory is located in Foshan city, Guangdong province, China. Export flood barrier to everywhere which needs.

Export Factory-Branch Litong Fanpeng Co, Ltd. is specialized in exporting different of tarpaulin to all over the world. kuweit, thailand, uk, usa, chile, switzerland...
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